India National Ice Hockey Team | Digital Marketing Updates 04 | Episode 15

Indian ice hockey and social media, net neutrality, Google’s new Update, how 7 people control internet and more on this week’s update on Digital India Podcast.

Indian ice hockey took to Social Media and got crowd-funded. Cricketer Gautam Gambhir donated INR 4L. Check out official Twitter <<@icehockeyindia>> and FB pages for supporting our Indian Ice Hockey.

Brick and mortar stores in Pune are going online to stand up to their online retailing counterparts and are now focusing on multi channel outlets like in the US.

Net neutrality – According to Times Of India, Department of Technology is supporting Net Neutrality for Internet and mobile phone services. Stats show that higher speeds show significant increase in business.Check out Digital India Podcast’s previous episode on Net Neutrality.

Google’s new update on mobile friendliness went live on April 21. If websites aren’t mobile-friendly Google will demote the website from it’s search results.
Crème-de-la-crème of the news this week: 14 people control internet, they hold 7 secret keys…hint: it is about ICANN – Don’t skip this part of the episode 6:45 – 8:36

Facebook is seeking a new business model with content provider that will encourage post content directly on FB. Facebook now wants to own ‘CONTENT’.

Web Marketing Academy’s social media expert Kaushal joins us to discuss about Facebook’s new intention. He says, “Facebook wants to become the gatekeeper of content. They want to have complete control of all the content that goes out.” He agrees that small businesses can benefit from this, but big businesses wouldn’t prefer this approach. He also claims that Facebook is looking for the revenue sharing model, meaning a percentage of the sale amount will go to facebook – referral traffic. A business owner might end-up sharing a bigger chunk of his profits which may not help the businesses a great deal in the long run.

Tips: Check out where your friends are on: – free chrome extension to check your contacts. is a link shortener that gives you a call-to-action snippet on your URL. – post your instagram photos on pinterest.

Listen to this informative episode to gain an upper hand!


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